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Thursday 23 October 2008
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Completed Projects

The following projects are now complete and SRB funding from AvenCentral Partnership has ended. Many of the projects listed have secured funding from other sources to continue their work or have been continued as a service by their managing organisation.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Project
Automatic Number Plate Recognition Project The Project has provided vehicle number plate recognition cameras at four locations on the periphery of Preston city centre. The new technology continues to allow the police to be alerted to stolen vehicles, disqualified drivers and other vehicles being used by known criminals. A dedicated team of patrolling police officers is dispatched to deal with any such vehicles associated with crime.
Funding from AvenCentral Partnership ended in March 2006.

Avenham Street Multi Storey Car Park
Avenham Street Multi Storey Car Park The project has refurbished the multi storey car park bringing it up to secure standards for the benefit of all users including the local community and people working in the city centre. The works included providing new perimeter railings, improved internal and external lighting, improved security including CCTV, better signage and landscaping.
The project was completed in 31st August 2005.
The total amount of SRB funded was £242,000.

The car park received a Safer Car Park award in 2006.

Building Links
Building Links provided employment and training opportunities in the construction industry working in partnership with contractors and referral agencies including Job Centre Plus. The project matched AvenCentral residents to jobs in the construction industry.
Building links project started in 27th September 2003.
The project ended in 31st September 2005.
The total amount of SRB funded was £113,683.

The project helped to create 43 construction jobs and supported 20% of those people through training.

Business Crime Reduction Initiative
Business Crime Reduction Initiative The project has been developed in consultation with local businesses, Preston Police and Preston Community Safety Partnership to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour against small businesses in the area.Grants are available which cover a wide area of security measures including alarms, door and window protection, improved lighting, shutters, fencing and CCTV.

Business Development Initiative (BDI)
The Business Development Initiative supported the local economy of AvenCentral by providing a grant fund for new and exsisting small to medium enterprises within the AvenCentral area. The fund provided applicants with up to 40% of the value of:
- Rental payments during the first year of business
- Equipment purchases
- IT-related equipment purchases (up to £500)
The project began in February 2003 and was completed on 31st March 2006.Total amount of SRB funding £84,406.

The project provided important cash injection to businesses in the area supporting their growth and efficiency. 19 new business start ups were supported.

Central Skills
Central Skills The project was managed by Preston College and aimed to increase the levels of residents from the area going into Further Education, increase numbers of adults undertaking learning or vocational training and improve access to and provision of ICT to the AvenCentral community. The project was completed in June 2006.
The project created interactive CD Roms that incorporated literacy and numeracy skills.

City Centre Management Company
City Centre Management Company The City Centre Management Company is marketing Preston City Centre to attract new businesses and shoppers to the City. The project works in partnership with private businesses to raise awareness of Preston both locally and nationally.

Co-operate and Work Together
The project supported new and existing social enterprises, businesses that trade in order to benefit the community and meet social objectives.
Examples included:
- Food co-operatives
- Furniture recycling schemes
- Community cafes, shops and laundries
- Community finance initiatives
- Business activities that meet the needs of specific groups within the community
- Community transport
The project ended in June 2006.

The project facilitated a range of capacity building initiatives including Finance Demystified and Marketing workshops. Two new Social Enterprises were created through support from the project.

The funding from SRB6 came to an end in June 2006, although match funding will be continued and extended until December 2006 using funding from PCC, ERDF and EDS (NW) Ltd.

Crystal Training Solutions
Crystal Training Solutions This project is managed by Preston College Business Services and provides a Community Learning Centre based on 5th floor of Buckingham House, Glovers Court, Preston. Crystal Training Solutions offers basic, intermediate and advanced computer courses, to all AvenCentral residents and workers. Other courses also available including Basic Food Hygiene, Basic Health & Safety and Mentor/Management. We also provide bespoke courses for business needs. Please find the attached course planner for details of our current courses on the 'News Page' under 'Related Documents'.

Decent Homes
Decent Homes The Decent Homes project is providing necessary improvements to over 500 Community Gateway Association homes within the AvenCentral area.
£1.4million from of SRB funding will be used to refurbish the properties by installing:
- double glazing
- central heating
- new bathrooms
- new Kitchens
- upgraded security
The location of the properties undergoing improvements are as follows:
Adelphi House, Adelphi Street, Ashmoor Street, Aughton Walk, Beckett Court, Bow Lane, Calder Street, Dawson Walk, Douglas Street, Edale Court, Elizabeth Street, Eversleigh Street, Harcourt Street, Harrington Street, Hawkins Close, Hawkins Street, Lancaster Road, Marsh Lane, Maudland House, Moor Lane, Murray Street, River Parade, Sheldon Court, Slade Street, St Peters Street, St Thomas Street, Swansea Street, Talbot Close, Walker Street.

Drug Family Support
Drug Family Support The project offers guided support to drug users, their families, grand carers and young carers of drug users. This is done through individual and group work as well as activity based provision. The project aims to improve the parenting skills of parents and reduce the impact of drug use and the related problems on both the family and children’s lives.

Fire Angels
The Fire Angels project was jointly managed by Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service and Preston Care and Repair. The project's aim was to reduce the number of accidental fires within the home by providing home fire safety checks and where necessary the installation of a Fire Angel Smoke Detector.
The project ended in June 2005 as funding was gained from Lancashire Fire & Rescue.

Frenchwood Neighbourhood Renewal
Frenchwood Neighbourhood Renewal Frenchwood is a residential area within AvenCentral that is predominantly privately owned terraced housing. Initial funding was granted to undertake an assessment of the area looking at the potential costs involved to provide refurbishment works should Frenchwood be declared a Neighbourhood Renewal area.
Frenchwood was declared a renewal area in 2002 and numerous seperate programmes of work are underway.
The overall aim of the project is to provide improvements to 1063 homes over the next 4 years.

Fresh Approach
Fresh Approach The project provides additional youth and community work in the Central areas of Preston. Concentrating on the Moor Lane, Maudland Bank and Plungington areas, the statutory sector - Lancashire Youth & Community Services, and the voluntary sector - Lancashire Global Education Centre, have come together and combined their individual talents for the benefit of the residents of the area. New staff will be working on the project and over the lifetime of the project, the aim is to open 2 new community facilities and work with 800 local people involving them with a range of projects involving Health, Education and Crime Prevention.

Friargate Brow - Economic Regeneration
Friargate Brow - Economic Regeneration  The project has improved the Friargate Brow area through environmental enhancements to the road, pavements and lighting. The introduction of new street furniture including seating, litter bins and signage posts have revitalised the area and landscaping to the footpaths and ambient lighting have added to the enhancements. Alongside this project has been work undertaken to improve the road surface in Friargate. Through the improvements to the area the project has:
· Improved the image and visual appearance of the city centre.
· Created safer, more pleasant and distinct urban space
· Linked surrounding neighbourhoods with the city centre.
· Increased business confidence.
The Enviromnmental works to Friargate Brow started on 1st September 2003 and were completed in July 2004.

This environmental project is now being complemented by a shop front enhancement scheme.

Guru Nanak Gurdwarda Bhatra Singh Sabha
Guru Nanak Gurdwarda Bhatra Singh Sabha The Sikh Temple on Clarendon Street in Avenham has been awarded AvenCentral funding to implement urgent repair and modernisation to the current building. The works will renovate the ground floor by improving the kitchen and sanitary facilities and install a disabled toilet and baby changing room. The project had been brought forward by one of the area’s smallest minority ethnic groups and once completed the centre will be open to all sectors of the community.

Harris Museum & Art Gallery - Access and Inclusion Project
Harris Museum & Art Gallery - Access and Inclusion Project The project is working with the residents of the AvenCentral area to introduce them to the rich heritage that the Harris Museum has to offer and the new exhibitions that will be coming to Preston. This is being done through outreach work and special interest exhibitions.
To find out more about the Harris Museum go to www.visitpreston.com/harris.
Opening times : Monday to Saturday, 10.00am to 5.00pm and Sundays 11.00am to 4.00pm admission is free. (closed bank holidays)

Harris Museum & Art Gallery - Extended Sunday Opening
Harris Museum & Art Gallery - Extended Sunday Opening The project is providing the funding to extend the current Museum, Library and Art Gallery opening times to include Sunday's for a pilot period of two years. The aim is to provide flexible learning opportunities to AvenCentral residents by providing this increased access to:
- Family learning opportunities
- Access to computers
- Development of basic skills
- Advice & guidance

Homesafe Homesecure
Homesafe Homesecure This project is providing free basic security measures to homes situated in the ‘crime hotspots’ within the AvenCentral area, to make them more secure, to deter burglars and to give occupiers a greater feeling of safety.

ICT into AvenCentral
ICT into AvenCentral The project provides impartial advice, guidance and support to local businesses to enable them to increase their competitive edge by utilising Information Computer Technology through the following activities
- Raising awareness amongst local businesses of the benefits of using ICT
- Web site development
- ICT best practice workshops

Information and Advice for Over 55's
Information and Advice for Over 55's The project is building on the existing Advice and Information service for people age 55 plus, provided by Age Concern Preston and South Ribble. The SRB funding has enabled the charity to recruit a full time information and advice caseworker and a full time ethnic minority caseworker. The new team will work within the local communities providing advice on issues such as: welfare benefits, housing, transport and community care.

Inner Preston Access Grants Scheme
Inner Preston Access Grants Scheme The project provided funding to local community groups from the AvenCentral area to improve the disability access to their buildings. The Project was managed by DISC (Disability Information Services Centre) who offers advice on disability awareness and provides assistance with the grant applications.
The project started in 2nd January 2004 and was completed in 30th September 2005.
The total amount of SRB funded was £150,750.

The project has made a significant contribution to improving the disability access of community and voluntary organisations in Preston.

Living Without Fear
Living Without Fear is managed by Preston Women’s Refuge and has increased the services provided by the charity for women living in the AvenCentral area. The project aims to:
1. Provide volunteering opportunities
2. Provide an outreach service
3. Provide domestic violence awareness training to individuals, statutory and voluntary/community organisations in the AvenCentral area.
4. Facilitate the development of women who have experienced domestic violence e.g.. Access to education, developing their confidence, skills and hence their employability by developing the Support Centre into a meeting/training
5. Develop the Hope drop in centre
6. Provide a children’s educational project involving children who are current residents in one of the Refuges, which is in the AvenCentral area, children of ex-residents who now live in the AvenCentral area and children of other service users that live in the AvenCentral area.
7. Provide a women’s art project, again involving women who are in the Refuge in the AvenCentral area.

Manchester Road Shops
Manchester Road Shops The project is improving the Manchester Road gateway to the city by demolishing the vacant run down flats and structurally improving existing local businesses.
Contour Housing, managers of the 6 month project say the regeneration work will remove the blight that the vacant flats have helped to create and significantly improve the appearance of the retained shops. The overall effect will help reduce crime and anti social behaviour in the area and will compliment other regeneration projects including the Frenchwood Neighbourhood Renewal and AvenQuest Homes Social Housing programmes.

Mens Health
Mens Health The project provided community based work with men to raise awarenss of their health needs and to improve health services so that they are appropriate for men in the AvenCentral area.
- Men’s Sexual Health
- Good Nutrition
- Old Lads and Young Lads
- Health Education and Outreach in places where men gather
- Older Men
- A newsletter for men
- A Book of Dad published and distributed to new dads through health visitors.
Managers, Preston Primary Care Trust worked in Partnership with other organisations including Drugline, Preston DISC, Age Concern, The Foxton Centre, Chorley and South Ribble Primary Care Trust to deliver the project which was completed in March 2006.

The project accessed men in settings that they would not typically go to gain healthcare advice. Some work of the project has been continued through voluntary sector agencies including Good Nutrition, Fishergate Baptist Church and the men's group at Preston Disc.

Peer Led Dance & Recreational Drug Use
This project recruited and trained young volunteers who delivered positive health messages to other young people accessing city centre bars and clubs. The project which began in August 2001 produced a number of award winning posters leaflets and other give-aways to get the messages across in pubs and clubs in inner Preston.
Phase I ended in 2003. After successful evaluation and re appraisal, the project was continued for further 3 years.
The project ended in May 2006, the total amount of SRB funded was £74,091.
For further details about this project, please contact the Partnership on 01772 901200.

The project is a model of best practice available for possible strategic support. An identical Drugline project working in Blackpool is funded through Fylde Drug Action Team (FDAT).

Preston Sports Club Regeneration Project
Preston Sports Club Regeneration Project This project is refurbishing Preston Sports Club in Broadgate bringing the changing and social facilities up to a standard compatible with other sports facilities in Preston. The works will provide a much needed community facility in this area.

Sahara Training & Enterprise Through Partnerships (STEP)
Sahara Training & Enterprise Through Partnerships (STEP) The project aimed to raise the skill levels of women with a particular emphasis on minority ethnic women to enable them to return to the labour market. This was achieved through a range of activities including:
- Training support by providing access to courses
- Work placements to give women work experience
- Information and advice on job opportunities
- Links to a homework club and computer technology, to enable women to take an active part in children’s education
- Ongoing support through a mentoring programme
- Childcare facilities for women to access the services provided.
The project began in June 2003 and was completed in December 2005.
The total amount of SRB funded was £150,000.

The project supported women in a women only environment and provided personal development opportunities and training.

Salvation Army - Open Door Community Project
Salvation Army - Open Door Community Project The Open Door Community Project managed by The Salvation Army has provided a purpose built community centre located on Harrington Street in Moor Lane, Preston. The new premises offers comfortable, fully accessible facilities from large halls to a full size caterers kitchen.
Captains Malcolm and Janet Martin are the Salvation Army Officers with overall responsibility for the work of the Salvation Army in Preston.
Greg Smith is employed as community co-ordinator and is responsible for developing and co-ordinating community activities in the Open Door Centre.
Religious activities run by the Salvation Army Corps:
Weekly Sunday services at 11am and 5pm, women's meetings and sessions for people wanting to explore Christianity.
Community Service Activities run by the Salvation Army:
Include clubs for Children and Youth on Friday evenings, Parent and Toddler group, on Wednesday mornings, a Craft Club on Monday mornings, and a drop in Open Door Kitchen In Co-ordination with Preston Single Homeless Network Friday lunchtimes.
Independent Groups Using the Building:
Include organisations offering activities and support services for students, families and homeless people.
Support for New and Struggling Community Groups:
If you are trying to set up a new community group, or sustain a service for people in need we are willing and able to offer you advice and support, and possibly some concessions on rent. All our volunteer are valued, supported and where necessary trained, and expenses can usually be reimbursed. Volunteers are needed for such tasks as catering, maintenance, administration, running community activities, fundreaising, publicity, marketing and IT support.

St Augustine's New Avenham Centre
St Augustine's New Avenham Centre St Augustines New Avenham Centre has been developed on the site of the former St Augustine's Church in Avenham. The church, a grade two star listed building had been closed for over 20 years and was derelict. The £5 million building incorporates a sports hall, information technology centre, a nursery facility and small business units for people starting out in business.
November 2002 - Preparation of the graveyard including the re-burial of the remains.
November 2003 - Videographer Sally McDonald commissions to record the development of the Centre.
December 2003 - Re-launch of AvenQuest Trust (one of the partners of START) and appeal for community involvement in the St Augustines Project.
December 2003 (ongoing) Rohit Jiwa, Community Economic Development Officer recruits volunteers from the community to be involved in the development of programmes for the future useage of the Centre.
January 2004 - Construction contract awarded to John Turner & Sons Ltd.
January 2004 - Demolition of St Augustine's Church started.
March 2004 - Building work started.
August 2005 - Building work completed.

Starting Out
The project provides business start up advice to AvenCentral residents wishing to set themselves up in business. Managed by Business Link Lancashire the project provides:
· Free business advice
· Business planning support
· Financial advice

Stoneygate Nursery School and Centre
Stoneygate Nursery School and Centre Stoneygate Nursery School and Centre was awarded funding to develop the services at the Centre, including adult education, play therapy and childcare. The nursery now offers 50 full time and other sessional childcare places to AvenCentral families who are accessing work or training.Other services available are:
• play therapists who provide education and support to children under five with severe emotional and behavioural problems.
• play therapy training for childcare staff
• an outreach teacher team, providing and enabling access to a wide variety of training courses for parents/carers
A family support team offering advice and support for families
• a community toy library offering free loan of books and toys and free stay & play sessions to the local community.

Project History
2002 - The school and centre was accepted into the Early Excellence Programme
2004 The school and centre was given permission by Margaret Hodge, Minister for Children, to develop as a children's centre.
2005 The newly modernised building was opened by Wendy Scott, a leading member of the World Organisation for Pre School Education.
The Stoneygate Nursery School and Centre project began in January 2005 and ended in May 2006.
The total amount of SRB funded was £53,915.
For further detail about this project, please contact the Partnership on 01772 901200.

Support into Employment
Support into Employment This project provided support and assistance to people with a disability living in the AvenCentral area. Working in partnership with Social Services and Integrate it catered for disabled people and offered:
· A vocational guidance and counselling service
· Assistance with CV and interview techniques
· The development of a vocational profile
· Individual action plans
· Support into job taster or samples
· Career and training advice
· Access to aids and adaptations
· Employer subsidy where appropriate
· Job search and job matching
· Continued support into employment
· Confidence building
Support Into Employment project started in 27th September 2002 and ended in September 2005.
The total amount of SRB funded was £73,223.

The project had a good record of providing appropriate employment or training opportunities to over 95 disabled people.

SureStart Childrens Centre
SureStart Childrens Centre The project will create a Children’s Centre on Brieryfield Road in the City. The centre, which will be the base for SureStart Central, is due for completion before the end of 2006 and will provide a multi purpose facility for families and will include:
Early education
• Family support
• Child and family healthcare
• Community café
• Links to Jobcentre Plus, Childcare Information Services and local schools.
SureStart Preston Central are working to achieve the government’s vision of ensuring that every child gets the best start in life and give parents more choice about how to balance work and family life.
The new £1 million facility is funded by SureStart with the help of £135,000 from AvenCentral Partnership.

Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Support in Preston
Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Support in Preston The project provided support to pregnant teenagers and young parents to ensure that they received appropriate health care, were able to access a wide range of other services to improve the health of the family unit and helped them make full use of their life choices. The project also worked with young people in a variety of settings in order to reduce the rate of teenage conceptions and raise young peoples' awareness of sexual health issues.
The project started in May 2003 and ended in March 2006.
The total amount of SRB funded was £132,670.

Over 130 teenage mums were advised and over 500 high school pupils benefited from sexual health and contraception advice.

Urban Exchange
Urban Exchange The Urban Exchange project was managed by Connexions Lancashire. The one stop shop for young people between the ages of 11 and 25 is situated in the Urban Exchange Building (near to the main Post Office).
The Centre provides advice and information to young people on a wide range of issues including:
- Health advice
- Contraception services, antenatel and post natel support.
- An outreach learning centre.
- Careers library and advice.
- Support for young people leaving care.
- Housing advice
- Welfare benefits advice.
- Counselling and Treatment Rooms.
- Drug services, substance misuse treatment services.
The Urban Exchange (Young people Centre) project started in 8th December 2003 and SRB funding for the project ended in 31st May 2006.
The total amount of SRB funded was £249,000.

The Urban Exchange facility continues its work through Partnership funding. So far, collectively, the centre has helped improve the educational attainment for 1095 pupils, provided 315 qualifications and over 300 people have accessed employment through training.

West Preston Small Sites
West Preston Small Sites The West Preston Small Sites project is working with local people to environmentally improve local small sites. The sites, which have been identified by the community, includes play space, run down open spaces or end of terraces where buildings have been demolished. The aim of the project, managed by Groundwork West Lancashire, is to improve up to 2.5 hectares of land and over 2 years and to encourage over 200 local people to become actively involved in the site work.

Youth Works
Youth Works The project works with young people within Avenham and Frenchwood and provided them with positive activities to distract them from crime and juvenile nuisance. A main element of the project was the redevelopment of two disused shops in the Avenham area into a ‘Hub site’. The Hub Site is now used by young people as a place to meet and interact with others and a youth club.
The aim of the project was to give positive messages to young people, to reduce the crime figures associated with young people and reduce the truancy rate within schools.
Phase one of the funding ended in June 2004
Phase two of the Project started in December 2005

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