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October 2008
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Between 2000 and 2008 the Preston based The AvenCentral Partnership was responsible for a regeneration partnership within the City of Preston to provide oversight , implementation and management 20 million pound programme olf regeneration for a district know in Preston as AvenCentral.


The evaluation of the AvenCentral Regeneration Programme has measured the impact that it has had upon the local area. The study looked at what improvements have been made to the area since the beginning of the Programme and assessed what improvements the 108 funded projects have been responsible for.

Independent consultants Wavehill Consultancy conducted the 6 month evaluation study on the Programme as a whole. They looked at the impact of the Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) spend across all the programmes objectives which were to; improve education and health, support business and communities, reduce crime and improve the environment and to increase employment for local people.

The study also looked at what outstanding needs are within the area to ensure that the appropriate bodies are aware of these.

The Evaluation Executive Summary is available to download at the foot of this page. The main report, available on request, will be presented to interested parties and shared with all partners and stakeholders.


Between August 2000 and March 2008 the AvenCentral Partnership managed and brought to completion one of the largest regeneration programmes in Preston.

Set up under the auspices of the North West Development Agency, the Partnership was awarded £20 million from the Single Regeneration Budget to provide economic, environmental and social regeneration of the AvenCentral area and this fund has been matched by £50 million over the past eight years from public and private funding.

The Regeneration programme had six principal objectives which have been focussed upon which are; Education, Business, Health, Community, Crime and the Environment, and Employment. In the programme’s final four months the Board w continued its overriding policy of aiming to promote and support regeneration in the AvenCentral area that is sustainable.

It was fundamentally important that its completed SRB programme was fully evaluated, so that we might understand and appreciate the successes and failures of the programme, and, most importantly, the ways in which the programme has made a difference to the lives of local people and local businesses.

All of this must be measured and put into context against the original and ongoing key issues, problems and baselines. The result of the evaluation was very important for the North West Development Agency, the Board and the Executive Team, those who live and work in the area, and also Preston City Council.

It was hoped that the evaluation reports would be made available in spring 2008, will enable the Council to understand the AvenCentral legacy and to build upon it.

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